Let YOUR council know you support our strong, public EMS service


Your support is needed to help maintain a strong, public EMS service by attending the Pflugerville City Council meeting on October 12, 2021.


The meeting will be held at City Hall, 100 East Main Street, and begins at 7 p.m.


Who should attend:

Citizens who are concerned about the safety and progress of our city. Everyone benefits from a strong, public EMS. We need your support.


What do I need to do:

The City Council has a public comment section on their agenda. Any public comment that is made on an item not on the published agenda will only be heard by the Council. Your voice is what they need to hear. Key points to address


  • A Strategic Goal identified by your city council is to become the safest city in Texas.
  • One key component to achieve this is to maintain a strong EMS program that is public and not outsourced to a for-profit firm which lacks accountability.
  • The upcoming election for ESD 17 brings a clear choice to the voters: 1) stand with EMS services who have been on our side when we need them or 2) support a take-over of EMS by private, for-profit providers.
  • The current firefighter-based EMS provides excellent response times. Will a private firm put profits over response?
  • Private firms bring complicated expensive bills, aggressive debt collection practices. Bottom line, private EMS services are concerned about just that, the bottom line
  • Tell the council what you want: I stand with Pflugerville Fire. I appreciate your service and I don’t want Pflugerville to ever outsource EMS. I am voting YES for ESD 17 and hope you will too.


The most effective public comments are when the speaker is polite, professional, limits their comments to a couple of points and has a “call to action” for the council.


Where do I go:

City Hall, 100 East Main Street


When is the meeting:

7 p.m. Arrive early and make sure you are signed up on the Public Comment list outside the city council chambers. Trista Evans, City Secretary will have a short form for you to provide your basic contact info. The mayor will announce your name during the public comments section on the Agenda. You will be given 3 mins to provide your comments to the council. If you need additional information about public comments, please call Trista Evans, City Secretary at 512-990-6103.


Thank you for your support of maintaining a strong, public EMS service. Looking forward to seeing you on October 12th at City Hall.


Election day November 2, 2021 • Early voting October 18 - 29

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Election day November 2, 2021

Early voting October 18 - 29